While walking home from IKEA and trying to get in the mood for an afternoon/evening of Starcraft 2 by listning to the soundtrack earlier today I was reminded of the Starcraft card game I tried to develop a couple of years ago.

If you think of it as a clone of Magic the Gathering then you’re not that far off. You work mineral fields and vespene geysers to get the resources you need to research technologies, to build your base and train your units.

The main difference lies in the tactics cards, my way to simulate movement across the maps and using the terrain to your advantage. The cards tell you what units and how many of them you can use for the maneuver and how many enemy units you can attack. After your units have attacked your opponent attacks back, and those units may not attack more that turn.

The fact that both you and your opponent can play tactics cards and activate unit abilities in both players phases helps the interactivity and makes the combat part more exciting.

I might revisit the project on a later date, if I find a good enough reason for it.