I have started working on yet another game setting – Vashnaar, the land beyond the sea. Think of a fantasy version of early renaissance Europe, a place where order and reason rules, where science and technology promises a wonderful future for all. As explorers travel the high seas a new continent is found and it is not long before small settlements are founded there. A group of famous heroes travel over the great sea the colonies to help them grow, to keep the order and to rotect the inhabitants against unknown dangers. The dark continent is a place of magic and mysteries, a place where fantastical things lurks just beyond view.

Things I want to explore in this setting is culture clash, hubris (the old world ways are the best) and personal journeys of people trapped in foreign lands. I want the continents have completely different philosophical outlooks on life. In the old world you are defined by what you own (castles, land, jewels, etc), in the new world you are defined by what you are (brother, mother, hunter). There is a similar divide in the views on nature (nature must be tamed vs we are one with nature) and spirits (humbug vs they are all around us)

This thing has been done many times before but I have yet to play in a game with this as it’s setting. I know at least 2 other people are interested in this idea, so the future for this project is looking bright.