So we sat down last night and tried out Crime Lords for the first time and it was not a smooth ride. Nobody cared enough to sit and read through the 16 page rulebook before we started, almost everybody ran out of money when bidding on our starting crooks and rackets before we even knew how much that needed to be randomized out. We spent a lot of time arguing about which rules trumped which and looking for rules text that was previously read aloud but that had gone missing. In the end I gave away everything I had just so that somebody could win.

So what can we do about this? Well, next time we’ll have a better grasp on the rules and hopefully somebody will have the patience of reading through the rules a couple of times. We will probably not start the game late at night, helping our mental clarity. Another idea that came up was to act out the gangsters as they give their orders. The constant bidding wars on each and every action that every player takes will probably speed up a lot too.

Also, I have now completely lost interest in the gangster LARP that me and two others were arranging.