Today I got to play yet another session of the wonderful adventure board game Arkham Horror.

The players take on the role of investigators in H. P. Lovecraft‘s Massachusetts town of Arkham. Gates to other planes open throughout the town and through them alien creatures appear. The investigators must avoid or fight these monsters, enter the gates themselves, explore the alien places beyond and return to Arkham to close the gates. If too many gates are open at once, a powerful alien being will enter, likely destroying the town and possibly threatening the world.

Arkham Horror has a reputation for being a hard game. That is a good thing for a cooperative game, and it leaves players with enough choices so that when they win, they can congratulate themselves on a game well-played, and not feel as if they’ve “solved” the game. For those not content with the base game there are 7 expansions, all adding new items, monsters and mechanics that change the balance of the game.

The game we had today was a bit of a disappointment, it felt way too easy this time. We played with the Dunwich Horror expansion, which adds a small extra board, but nothing much happened at all there. Arkham Horror is a game of risks and rewards, and sometimes the dice favours the bold. Maybe next time it will feel like a proper challenge.