I haven’t talked much about my own projects yet, so here’s something I’m working on tonight.

I have been a fan of The aMAZEing Labyrinth for many years. The design of the board is great, the maze of rooms that constantly move around makes for interesting tactical opportunities. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to build upon that mechanics, how to expand it or change it around, and now I think I have found a solution.

Tonight I had a great idea, to make a board with the same mechanics of pushing around rooms, but with the pieces shaped like triangles. This design will only have a few fixed locations, making the overall labyrinth a lot more flexible in its layout and it will make things much less predictable.

I have made a quick sketch of the board and done some quick calculations. The board will consist of 76 triangular tiles, 10 of them fixed locations glued on the board, and the players will have 24 different ways to push the rooms around. One thing I quickly realized after making the drawings was that the players will have to use two pieces for pushing in order for the layout to stay functional.

People were enthusiastic about my idea, they want to see it in physical form as soon as possible. I’m thinking cardboard for the first test version, maybe balsa wood or something similar for later versions.

Oh, I almost forgot one thing, the name. As for now I’m calling it Trial of Triangular Terror, mostly cause I want the word triangle in the title and I like alliteration.