Last week I finally marched my army out to war after many peaceful years. The new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles have reawakened my interest for playing the game, something I gave up long ago when I decided to just collect and paint the cool looking miniatures.

My first game in the new system was fun, if a bit slow. I’ve been reading up on the rules for weeks, but as we all know, knowing is not understanding. Since the consensus at the local gaming club is that we’ll learn the new rules best by playing lots and lots of games, I am now in the process of designing a lot of smaller forces to bring to the battlefield. Things have changed, some units now have new roles to play and I keep looking up little things all the time, but I am excited about all that lies ahead.

The gaming club will organize a painting party this upcoming weekend. Most of my models look ok, but many needs to be touched up a little. If all goes well I’ll have some pictures to share.