The two things that have kept me the most occupied this week have been headache and Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare (Mutant: Heirs of the Apocalypse). The plan is to have a new campaign set in a world we’ve previously used, but now it’s 20 years later. In the first campaign we devoted a lot of time to creating the little village Hult and its many inhabitants, setting up the backdrop for our adventures. This time we get to expand on that, flesh it out in more detail and really make it come to life.

It all started with the food. I was thinking about my character options and the quest into the forbidden zone and I realized that I had no idea what kind of food would be served on the banquet in our honour. That thought led on to religious rites, job opportunities, apprenticeship and a whole lot of other things that we never touched during our last adventures in Hult and its surrounding areas. I hope that the group can get together soon and brainstorm some ideas on these and other topics to help us all find inspiration and excitement for what looks like a promising autumn endeavour.

The three character concepts I’m juggling around right now are:
* a scholarly boy with empathic powers and a thirst for secrets
* a small bat who loves flying and who wants to become a great hunter
* a sneaky ferret with thievery skills and an explosive enthusiasm

Updates will come if anything happens.