You were once a normal human, just like the people you pass on the street. But that was a long time ago. Now you no longer walk among them as an equal. You are not like them any more. You have become something more…

Amaranth is a game of modern dark fantasy, of personal struggles and dark mysteries. The world is a scary place, and when you’re special you seek out other kindred spirits.

Every character in Amaranth have a mythological heritage. They are eternally young and they will never die from age. They also have a hunger for something other then food, something only humans can give them. If they don’t satisfy this craving, be it for blood, breath, hair or perhaps dreams, they lose access to the mystical powers they have inherited.

What I want to create is a flexible system that enables people to create characters based of a myriad of mythological creatures. I don’t want more vampires, werewolves or ghosts. I want to see something new, something different. I want people to mix and match cool powers, interesting traits and colourful drawbacks to create something unique.

I will end with some sample characters ideas:
* Halifax Carstairs, the patient and calculating undead British gentleman with a taste for human breath.
* Jennifer Skidmore, a half-unicorn martial artist with cloven hooves and a bad temper.
* Andy Wong, road development manager by day and raging minotaur gang leader by night.
* Artemis Jestus, no other sasquatch on the block is better at software development, mixing drinks or making human burgers.