Cryptid: any creature whose existence has been suggested but not proven scientifically.

The game is simple. The year is ~1900 and you are explorers trying to find unknown creatures. You play Creature cards and then try to play Evidence cards on it so that the existence of that creature will become proven. Different creatures require different amounts of Evidence and grant different amounts of Reputation as an explorer. At 10 Reputation (or maybe 15) you win the game.

The creatures in the game are varied. There are monsters from classical myths ( centaur, griffin, unicorn, dragon), modern myths (yeti, sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, mokele-mbembe, chupacabra), hoaxes (skvader) or real-life creatures that look strange (coelacanth, okapi, platypus, moa, marsupial lion)

A few examples of Evidence cards are: Footprint, Blurry Photo, Expert Witness, Good Fake, Coat of Fur, I Have A Live One

A few examples of Criticism cards are that counter or remove Evidence cards are: Gorilla Suit in a Freezer, I Made One Yesterday, Bad Fake, Fake Photo, Hoax Confession

I still have a lot of questions: What creatures should be in this game? What kind of Evidence and Criticism cards should I include? What can I do to make this a really awesome game?