This idea is a mix of a lot of stuff: hero teams, magical girl stories, transformation sequences, spirits, fantastic creatures, school drama. You play as school kids, young kids about 7-9 years old, and your all witch trainees. During the day you go to school and do maths and normal stuff, but after school and during weekends you and your friends grab your black robes, pointy has and your brooms and go hunting spirits.

Feelings and emotions are sometimes embodied in small spirits/demons. They usually run around making pranks and causing trouble and affect people in negative ways. For example, a spirit cat falling asleep on your shoulder while you are out driving can make you fall asleep at the wheel, an angry dog spirit barks and bites and can make the people around it angry.

As good witches it is your job is to chase away or capture these so that people can live their lives normally without any spirits manipulating or influencing them.