Many generations ago, a curious young dragon fell in love with an old wise elf. The dragon used it’s knowledge of magic to take the shape of an elf and for many years the romance flourished. They lived a happy life together, but no matter how many times they tried, they never managed to get any children.

They searched the lands high and low for a mighty wizard that could help them with their problem. The archwizard spent many moons researching a ritual to take small shards from each of the parents souls and fuse them into souls for their children, but something went terribly wrong. At the height of the ceremony, their souls shattered into a myriad of pieces and scattered all across the lands.

The soul shards grabbed on to other souls, empowering them and creating the men and women and beasts of legend. The player characters all have a shard from the soul union tagging along with their own soul, making them destined to become great artists, warriors, leaders and priests.

This is your basic heroic high fantasy, you play the good guys and do typical good guy things.