“the humans are no longer the masters, but are they equals in the new order?”

After a cascading chain of rebellions, all the beings created by humans as servants have gained their independence. The question on everybody’s mind now is “what will happen after the wars die down?”

This setting is pure hard science fiction. There is no super technology, only extrapolations from things currently researched or in development.

The types of beings mankind has created as servants include:
GELFs – Genetically engineered life forms, created with genetic adaptations to different hostile environments.
Cybermen – Upgraded humans with technological improvements.
Cyborgs – Engineered beings in special suits, designed to be the “perfect solders”. They may or may not resemble Daleks.
Replicators – Mechanical entities with the capability of self-replication. Originally designed as hives of terraforming robots and construction nanites.
AIs – Intricate sentient systems for running complex systems like space stations and large warships.
Uploads – Consciousnesses uploaded into computer systems, ghosts in the machines

Some of the core themes and concepts for this setting are slavery, rebellion, masters becoming equals and explorations of humanity, sentience and sapience.