This is an unfinished idea I’ve been tinkering with these past few days.

This is a roleplaying setting that takes place before the world was old, before the new gods came to power, when the primordial races still walked the land. Everything was more primal and wild, magic was rougher and more dangerous. There was no half-races of any kind, it’s was too early for them.

Some of the races I want to include are:
dragons – the masters of magical flows.
ogres – the personification of “might makes right”
shaggoth – wandering loners, explorers of the unknown lands, lords of lightning
vargulfs – cursed with a thirst for fresh flesh and blood.
drider – spinners of enormous webs, cave dwellers

shoggoths and other semi-finished proto-creatures.

There is also a number of things I have yet to invent a name for that I’d like to include in some way: 1 2 3 4 5

I like the idea of monstrous beasts adventuring and “leveling up” on proto-humans and proto-dwaves just like many heroes grow stronger by slaughtering goblins and kobolds in many traditional game.