After finishing of marathons of both Jurassic Park and Tolkien lectures I now have a few more things to add on Engai.

First, pronunciation. I say Engai with a “ng”-sound, like in words ending with “-ing”.

Second, summary of the setting. I got this idea when I leafed through the Dark Sun setting book. It had a good summary and I thought I’d copy the format since that setting was one of the major influences on my development on Engai.
* The world is a jungle
* The world is savage
* Metal is scarce
* Primal magic permeate the world
* There are no gods
* Fierce monsters roam the world

Third, the races. Could the typical fantasy races (humans, elves, dwarves, etc…) be used in this world? Yes, of course, but I want a lot of new and different options as well. I can see the importance of something familiar when dealing with new situations, having only new races and monsters can be overwhelming. Below is a short list of a few less common races I think could fit the world of Engai:
* Na’vi – Cat people are a favorite of many, and having agile blue tribal warriors stalking the canopy works well.
* Kroot – I love the idea of the kroot, avian hominids that honour the fallen by ritual cannibalism.
* Vrocks – I have for a long time been a fan of the vrocks, large demons with vulture features, so I’d like to see a race that looks like them somewhere in this world
* Togrutas – there are a lot of strange and weird races in the star wars universe, and togrutas are one of them that could be made to fit in the jungles of Engai.
* Great Race of Yith – I really like how the Yithians look in their plant form. The idea of a race of highly intelligent plants with psychic powers works well in this setting.
* Thri-kreen – Another long time favourite race of mine.

With this post, I think I’m done with Engai, at least for now.