I had this idea earlier tonight and felt like sharing it. I will probably never develop this further so I’m just throwing my notes up here as-is.

* one-shot RPG scenario, 2-4 players, 3.5-4 hours
* character creation during play, Instant Game (no pre-defined traits)
* wakes up in old abandoned church, no memories of their previous lives, no names
* relatively fresh occult tattoos and scarring on their bodies, blood and gore around them
* semi-abandoned location, exploration of both selves and the place
* strange powers start manifesting, their bodies act strange, accumulation of side effects
* “who am I?”, “who did this?”, “why did they do this?”
* the group tries to track down the people responsible, scattered hints and clues
* the world is not as it should be, tainted creatures stalks the night
* final showdown with crazy cult
* when you finally know who you where, who will you then become?

“Battle not with monsters lest you become a monster;
and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche