The holidays are here and I’m spending most of my days sick in bed. Nevertheless, I’ve got some half-baked ideas to share.

Super Kids
The South Park episode The Coon made me think about a game about kid super heroes. As I imagine it, the game should have two different distinct feels for when you play kids and when you play costumed heroes. I want it to be unclear if they have actual superpowers or if it’s all pretend, it’s all the same for the kids anyway

Weird Stuff
I was listening to George R. R. Martin talking about his childhood and that his father grouped together science fiction, fantasy and horror literature under the name “weird stuff”. I liked that label and started thinking about making a game centered around that label.
The main focus of the game would be mysteries in the modern day. The exact elements used in the mystery, be it murders, kidnappings, occult rites, weird creatures, fringe science or abnormal behaviour would depend on what the people involved were interested in.
I see this as a game for 1-4 players that are trying to solve the mystery together in an interesting way. An important factor in that is the concept of failing forward. There is always a way to continue, the story can never just abruptly end.

End Users
This idea is a mashup of TRON, The Matix and the Virtual Adepts from Mage: The Ascension.
Human hackers vs computer systems in cinematic adventures.
“a digital frontier that will reshape the human condition” – Kevin Flynn

Space opera
This is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time. A setting with weird aliens, psychic powers, princesses waiting to be rescued, advanced technologies, laser-guns, force-fields, space armadas, those sorts of things… I will write more about it as soon as I can decide on a good name for it.

Obsidian Shadows
There are a lot of fantasy settings out there based either on Europe or Asia, but very few have used the cultures of the Mesoamerican region as their base. As a fan of this region, I thought I’d address that issue. I also like the idea of a realm where dreams manifest and become reality. Taking these two ideas and combining them with a vivid spirit realm and a land of the dead makes for an interesting mythological setting with a different feel to it than normal fantasy settings.

Conspiracy Theories
I have a soft spot for the really crazy conspiracies, I find them very enjoyable to listen to. Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time is making a one-shot RPG scenario or two in where you make one really insane theory into reality and really go nuts with it. There are thousands and thousands of theories out there in the world to get inspiration from, but the ones I’ve been looking at recently are Scientology, the reptoids and the videos by Colleen Thomas.