My friend Trämmer approached me the other week about a game idea he had recently started working on. It was a combat focused ninja game with miniatures on a hexagonal grid and mostly based on the famous Naruto manga and anime series. We spent pretty much all of last Sunday discussing mechanics and design ideas and we feel now that we have a good base for this project.

It could be a while until our next in-the-flesh playtest together since he’s back in Budapest for his studies, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet we can still work together on this project. We will set up a wiki for the game shortly as a way for us to organize everything. We will also use things like Facebook, MSN and Skype to talk about our different ideas and suggestions, so if we want to test some rules changes then all we’ll need are a hex grid with coordinates, some minis or tokens, some dice and some spare time. I don’t think I have to point out that that last thing might be our biggest problem.

This project has a number of interesting challenges. I have never played combat on a hexagonal grid, so I some things to learn about using it tactically. I have to explore the realm of varying between using D30s, D60s and D100s for the different skill levels. There is a deck-building mechanic with your combat manoeuvres that will let you customize your fighting style against your opponent.

The way of the shinobi looks bright.