Here is the Star Wars Descent mashup I promised you. This was a one day project, a quick thing I threw together just because I could.

* I changed the Magic trait to Special. It is used for Force powers and grenades.
* Everybody have fixed starting skills and gear (usually 1 Silver and 2 Copper treasures)
* No swapping of gear between heroes.
* There are no treasures on the maps, but there are Checkpoints (Glyphs of transport). Checkpoints give Conquest as normal, but they cannot be used to travel to town.
* When a heroes is knocked down to 0 Wounds he falls unconscious in the square he is in. Another character can restore him by moving adjacent to the fallen hero and use the First Aid ready action.
* First Aid ready action. You move adjacent to a fallen hero and declare that you are using First Aid on the character. If you are not interrupted by an enemy attack, at the start of the next hero turn, pay the heroes Conquest Value and restore him to full Wounds and Fatigue.
* The heroes lose if there are no alive heroes on the board.


I began my work on the heroes by thinking up some Star Wars archetypes: a force user, a powerful soldier, an infamous bounty hunter, stuff like that. I decided that each character would start with good gear and suitable skills, and that they cannot swap or gain any more during a mission. I am note sure about the balance between character or how many potions each character should have, that’s something that needs some actual testing.

Jedi Guardian
Stats: 12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 2 Melee, 1 Special
Ability: Enemy figures within 3 spaces of you suffer –1 range and –1 damage.
Equipment: Lightsaber, jedi robes, force strike
Skills: Knight, Acrobat, Counterattack

Jedi Consular
Stats: 12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 1 Melee, 2 Special
Ability: Each time a glyph is activated, you may restore up to 3 wounds, split however you like, between yourself and any other heroes within 3 spaces of you.
Equipment: lightsaber, jedi robes, force lightning, force strike, Greater Healing
Skills: Telekinesis, Deflect Arrows, ???

Stats: 12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 5 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 2 Ranged, 1 Special
Ability: Once per attack, you may spend 1 fatigue to re-roll one attack die showing a miss result, but you must keep the second result.
Equipment: light armor, heavy blaster pistol, grenade, elven boots
Skills: Lucky, Marksman, ???

Stats: 8 Wounds, 5 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 2
Traits: 1 Ranged, 2 Special
Ability: At the start of your turn, all other heroes within 3 spaces of you gain 1 fatigue.
Equipment: light armor, blaster pistol, emp grenade, thermal detonator
Skills: Droid (familiar), Cautious, ???

Stats: 12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 2 Ranged, 1 Special
Ability: You have Command 1.
Equipment: medium armor, blaster pistol, EMP grenade
Skills: Evasion, Blessing, Leadership

Stats: 16 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 2 Armor, 3 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 3 Ranged
Ability: You have one extra die in your Ranged trait.
Equipment: Heavy Armor, Heavy Blaster Rifle
Skills: Rapid Fire, Precision, ???

Bounty Hunter
Stats: 12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 2 Armor, 5 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Traits: 2 Ranged, 1 Special
Ability: You receive 1 extra surge on each of your attack rolls.
Equipment: 2 Blaster Pistols, Medium Armor, thermal detonator
Skills: Fly, Rapid Fire, Pickpocket

When I had finished with the basic stats, abilities and gear for most of the heroes, I got the idea of maybe splitting up the hero sheet into two parts; race cards for the basic stats and class cards for traits, abilities and gear. I ultimately scrapped that idea, the game already have a ton of stuff for you to keep track of, but I’ll include my notes on it anyway.

Human, 12 Wounds, 4 fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Wookie, 16 Wounds, 4 fatigue, 0 Armor, 4 Speed, Conquest Value 3
Jawa, 8 Wounds, 5 fatigue, 0 Armor, 5 Speed, Conquest Value 2
Rodian, 12 Wounds, 5 fatigue, 1 Armor, 3 Speed, Conquest Value 3


Most of the gear used is simple existing stuff with another name. I don’t have much experience with creating entirely new gear, so I don’t know what dice to give the grenades or the Force powers.

Force Strike – Breath, Knockback,
Force Lightning – Breath,
Healing – Spend 1 movement point and 1 fatigue to heal 2 wounds to yourself or an adjacent figure. You may use this ability multiple times, paying its cost each time.
EMP grenade – Blast, Stun, low damage
Grenade – Blast, high damage
Thermal Detonator – Blast, Burn, medium damage
Lightsaber – Red Green Green, When making Melee attacks with this weapon, you gain 1 free surge, S: +1 damage, S: Pierce 2
Jedi Robes – +1 Armor, When you suffer 1 or more wounds, roll 1 power die for each wound suffered. Cancel 1 wound for each blank you roll.
Light Armor – +2 Armor
Medium Armor – +2 Armor, You recover 1 fatigue at the start of your turn.
Heavy Armor – +3 Armor, Your base speed is reduced to 3
Blaster Pistol – Blue Green, S: +1 range, SS: +1 damage, Off-hand: +1 damage
Heavy Blaster Pistol – Blue Green, Sorcery 1, S: +1 range, SS: +1 damage
Heavy Blaster Rifle – Blue Green Green, Sorcery 2, S: +1 range, S: +1 damage


All master versions have Command 1
B1 battle droid – 3 Wounds, 0 Armor, Speed 4, Blue Green, +1 Range, occupies 1 square
B2 super battle droid – 5 Wounds, 2 Armor, Speed 4, White Yellow, Sorcery 3, occupies 1 square
Droideka – 8 Wounds, 5 Armor, Speed 6, Blue Green Yellow, Quick Shot, occupies 2*2 squares


There are a lot of pieces missing, but this was a one day project and this was what I got. Will I go back and finish this someday? That’s not really likely, unless people specifically ask me for it. I will now move on to something else