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The Last About Engai?

After finishing of marathons of both Jurassic Park and Tolkien lectures I now have a few more things to add on Engai.

First, pronunciation. I say Engai with a “ng”-sound, like in words ending with “-ing”.

Second, summary of the setting. I got this idea when I leafed through the Dark Sun setting book. It had a good summary and I thought I’d copy the format since that setting was one of the major influences on my development on Engai.
* The world is a jungle
* The world is savage
* Metal is scarce
* Primal magic permeate the world
* There are no gods
* Fierce monsters roam the world

Third, the races. Could the typical fantasy races (humans, elves, dwarves, etc…) be used in this world? Yes, of course, but I want a lot of new and different options as well. I can see the importance of something familiar when dealing with new situations, having only new races and monsters can be overwhelming. Below is a short list of a few less common races I think could fit the world of Engai:
* Na’vi – Cat people are a favorite of many, and having agile blue tribal warriors stalking the canopy works well.
* Kroot – I love the idea of the kroot, avian hominids that honour the fallen by ritual cannibalism.
* Vrocks – I have for a long time been a fan of the vrocks, large demons with vulture features, so I’d like to see a race that looks like them somewhere in this world
* Togrutas – there are a lot of strange and weird races in the star wars universe, and togrutas are one of them that could be made to fit in the jungles of Engai.
* Great Race of Yith – I really like how the Yithians look in their plant form. The idea of a race of highly intelligent plants with psychic powers works well in this setting.
* Thri-kreen – Another long time favourite race of mine.

With this post, I think I’m done with Engai, at least for now.


Trouble in Paradise

Ok, so I’ve got a nice big forest world… Now what do I do with it? A very common trope is that of corruption, a beautiful place gets defiled by outsiders. My first idea was some kind of demons, but then I thought of undeath and that fits this setting perfectly. In a setting literally made of life, what is more unnatural than being undead?

I still feel like they should be rare, and of course suitably powerful. Encountering walking skeletons of predatory creatures or shuffling mounds of rotting flesh should be a memorable challenge, and the dangers of falling in battle are heightened by the fact that you might not rest peacefully in the here after.


We have seen worlds covered in water, in sand and in ice, so now it’s time for trees. My Time Before Time setting spun off in a different direction and have now become Engai, the tree world.

It’s a place of wonder and bounty, great forests with trees as tall as skyscrapers. It is a place where the primal power of nature runs rampant and the most common magic is that life itself. Hard materials such as rock or metal would be extremely rare, the guardian spirits would never allows for the mining for it. Instead, natural materials such as wood, bone and hides are used.

The way I imagine this world is in three zones:

The forest floor is where the beasts live; dangerous, intelligent and enormous. Mighty dinosaurs roaringly rampage through the thick undergrowth while large packs of predatory hunters stalk the shadowy swamps and river banks.

The canopy is both the home and the hunting ground of dragons and all other large aerial predators. This is the only place where you can get a good amount of sunlight, which makes trips here necessary for the recharging of the sunstones that light up the villages.

Lastly, there is the middle world, home to all the peoples of Engai. It is in the middle zone they live most of their lives, for to venture outside it could mean certain death. It is also on this level you find the climbers, the snatchers and most of the parasitic vegetation.

Some things on my include-if-I-can list are:
dinosaurs, Clover, something looking like Cthulhu, some stuff from Avatar, Kroot, archaeopteryx, tree houses, ground sloths,