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Final Fantasy IX Decent

Here is the infodump for the FF9/Decent crossover I made. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

* All heroes share inventory and money.
* No free re-equips. Re-equipping a piece of gear costs 2 movement points.
* Dead heroes does not automatically resurrect in town. They stay dead in the square they died until another hero resurrects them using the new Use On Other ready action. The Overlord does not collect Threat for dead heroes. The heroes lose if they run out of Conquest tokens and there are no living heroes.
* New ready action: Use On Other. You may use declare that you’re resurrecting or using a potion on another hero. The effect will happen at the start of the heroes next turn.
* The Overlord may spawn melee monsters as if the event Gust of Wind is in effect.
* Healing Potions cost 25 gold
* There is no town. Any shopping will be done at a moogle placed somewhere in the first half of the level.
* You may buy an additional trait die at any time.
* Heroes have specific starting equipment.


12 Wounds, 5 Fatigue, 0 Armor, 5 Speed, 2 Conquest
Melee 3, Ranged 0, Magic 0
Fighting 2, Subterfuge 1, Wizardry 0
Traps cost 1 extra threat to play in response to your actions. When rolling dice to avoid or reduce the effects of trap cards, you roll one extra die.
Gear: Sword, Dagger, Leather Armor, 100 gold

12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 0 Armor, 3 Speed, 3 Conquest
Melee 0, Ranged 0, Magic 3
Fighting 0, Subterfuge 0, Wizardry 3
You have two extra Magic trait dice.
Gear: Tunic, Sunburst, 25 gold

16 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 2 Armor, 3 Speed, 4 Conquest
Melee 2, Ranged 1, Magic 0
Fighting 3, Subterfuge 0, Wizardry 0
When an adjacent friendly figure is attacked, before the dice are rolled, spend 1 fatigue to swap places with that figure. The attack targets you instead.
Gear: Axe, Chainmail, 50 gold

12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 0 Armor, 4 Speed, 2 Conquest
Melee 0, Ranged 1, Magic 2
Fighting 0, Subterfuge 1, Wizardry 2
At the start of your turn, all other heroes within 3 spaces of you gain 1 fatigue.
Gear: Wizard’s Robe, Mage Staff, 25 gold

12 Wounds, 3 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 5 Speed, 3 Conquest
Melee 2, Ranged 1, Magic 0
Fighting 2, Subterfuge 1, Wizardry 0
You receive 1 extra surge on each of your attack rolls.
Gear: 2*Sword, Leather Armor, 50 gold

8 Wounds, 3 Fatigue, 0 Armor, 3 Speed, 2 Conquest
Melee 0, Ranged 0, Magic 3
Fighting 0, Subterfuge 0, Wizardry 3
Each time a glyph is activated, you may restore up to 5 wounds, split however you like, between yourself and any other heroes within 3 spaces of you.
Gear: Wizard’s Robe, Blinding Light, 25 gold

12 Wounds, 5 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, 3 Conquest
Melee 1, Ranged 0, Magic 2
Fighting 1, Subterfuge 1, Wizardry 1
Enemy figures within 3 spaces of you suffer –1 range and –1 damage.
Gear: Hammer, Ghost Armor, 0 gold

12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 1 Armor, 4 Speed, 3 Conquest
Melee 2, Ranged 1, Magic 0
Fighting 2, Subterfuge 1, Wizardry 0
You have Command 1.
Gear: Walking Stick, Chainmail, 75 gold

12 Wounds, 4 Fatigue, 2 Armor, 4 Speed, 4 Conquest
Melee 3, Ranged 0, Magic 0
Fighting 1, Subterfuge 0, Wizardry 2
You have +2 armor. You may not equip runes or armor. You are immune to Aura, Bleed, Pierce, Poison, and Sorcery. In addition, all damage dealt to you by Blast, Bolt, or Breath attacks is reduced to 0.
Gear: Axe, 150 gold


I also made some custom monsters for my Ice Cave scenario
Black Waltz 1: 5 Speed 5, 8 Wounds, 4 Armor
Black Waltz 2: 5 Speed 5, 10 Wounds, 5 Armor
Black Waltz 3: 5 Speed 5, 14 Wounds, 7 Armor
Undying, Sorcery 4, Fly
Heal, may only be used on another monster, Red
Breath of Fire, Burn, breath, Blue Yellow Black
Ice Blast, Stun, White Yellow Black

Sealion: 4 Speed, 20 Wounds, 8 Armor
Body Blow, Knockback Sweep, Red Green Green Black
Water Wall, Breath, White Green Green Yellow Black
Rage, If Black Waltz 3 dies then Seallion gains Aura, Sorcery 3 and loses 3 Armor


1st Copper: 100 gold, 2 Conquest, 1 Curse
2nd Copper: 1 Copper, 1 Curse
1st Silver: 100 gold, 2 Conquest, 1 Curse
2nd Silver: 1 Silver, 1 Curse
1st Gold: a free skill


None of this have been playtested in any way, so I’m not sure about the balance of things. Some of the gear is taken from various expansions. More information about Descent gear, skills and monsters can be found at Descent in the Dark.


Long time, no blogging. Some medical stuff happened, but now I’m back again!

So, let have a look at what’s been on my workbench lately:

* My Final Fantasy 9 version of Descent is, maybe not dead, but frozen solid. I wanted to do a playtest of this before I made a post about it, but that all fell through. I’ll try to make a larger post about it tomorrow.

* I had some ideas for a furry RPG, but only one person showed any real interest in the idea (furry supernatural high school mystery drama) so that project is also shelved.

* I recently got back in creating maps for Warcraft 3. I’ve been looking at my old (6+ years) stuff and I’ve been thinking about maybe finish some of my old levels.

* A friend of mine recently mentioned that he wanted to run a Star Wars campaign, but he dislikes the systems in the existing SW RPGs. He does however like the new World of Darkness rules a lot, so I’m helping him to modify those into something suitable for fun and exciting action in a galaxy far, far away.

* This morning I got the idea of making a Star Wars version of Descent. I decided to make this a One Day project, to force myself to get things done quickly. It’s a simple thing to do, will have stuff on the blog later this week.

Winter is finally here and with it the return of my gaming nonsense! I have a lot of things to talk about so let’s get going. These are some of the things that has happened in my gaming life since my last blog entry.

* The IRC Exalted game I was looking forward to kinda imploded, so no Exalted for me. That game has been on my list of roleplaying games to try for many years, but something always comes up and it all ends up being nothing…

* I was invited to an underwater Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign, but had to turn it down because of the difference in time zones. It did however inspire me to sit down to create a swashbuckling octohuman. Being able to use five fencing blades at once is cool.

* The game File 13 was mentioned a couple of weeks ago by my buddy Mike on his podcast Nerd Pride Radio. File 13 was a little game that came with an issue of the Dragon magazine back in 80s. The idea is something I’ve toyed around with before, it’s a game about creating games.

* A couple of days ago I got wind of a rules-light fantasy rpg called Warrior, Rogue and Mage. After having read through the 4-page version I found out there was a pulp version called Resolute, Adventurer & Genius so I had to look at that too. Then inspiration hit me and I began to twist the rules engine into a superhero game. The working title for it is Paragons, Gadgeteers & Mystics.

* I listened to a book review while out walking a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of Era, an old rpg a friend and I made back in the mid 90s. I was able to find my old character sheets, some info on how to write spells (if was very much like programming in BASIC) and what dice to roll to generate stats for the different races, but most of the rules are still missing. I’ve been thinking about recreating the missing information, or perhaps redoing the entire game from scratch, but that will depend on if I can get people interesting in it or not. I did remember that the campaign we played was heavily influenced by the Artifacts of Power series by Maggie Furey, so I’ve been trying read my way through that.

* I have once again fallen into the time-devouring abyss that is the Final Fantasy game series. I am once again replaying Final Fantasy IX, all thanks to a Swedish retrogaming podcast that I listen to.

* I have finally gotten a chance to play Descent: Journeys in the Dark. The game has been described as a tabletop version of Diablo or a WoW instance, and that I can agree with. The Hero players run around in a dungeon with the goal of slaying monsters and grabbing treasure while the Overlord player tries to kill the heroes with monsters, traps and other nasty things. The biggest downside to the game is that it takes a long time to play even a simple quest.

* I am currently working on a FF9 version of Descent for an upcoming weekend thing at my local gaming club. Creating custom characters and monsters for Descent is relatively simple, but I’m not sure how much I dare to change the rules regarding revivification and the handling of money and items.