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Yet another batch of short updates on my myriad of projects.

I have been trying to get back into Naruto and Bleach in order to get some more inspiration for my anime miniatures combat game, but it has been really hard. I will probably abandon those series and find some new ones.

The fantasy roleplaying campaign I had been working on for the past weeks that was supposed to fill the void on Tuesdays since Game of Thrones has ended have fallen apart due to lack of player engagement. A longer post with more details may or may not appear here in the future.

Project Black Valkyrie quietly stirs in its slumber. May Wōden watch over it.

The one-shot scenario for WASPcon, The Twelve Apostles, is finished with 2 weeks to spare, but due to recent events I’m no longer sure if I will be attending WASPcon or not.

I’m making slow progress with my wrestling card game. I have some rough core mechanics and some ideas for certain special manoeuvres.

My different Doctor Who board games are still drifting in time and space. None of the layouts are good enough right now.


Looking For A Feeling

I haven’t talked about Over The Top Anime Combat (OTTAC), mostly because I have been rewriting a lot of it and I haven’t had a good playtest session in a while. That might change this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of yet another rewrite; I’m changing the initiative system back to an earlier edition and changing the to-hit mechanic from a dice based system to a card based system.

I know I’m crazy, but I haven’t found a system with the right feel to it yet.

Not over the top enough

My latest miniatures game Over The Top Anime Combat (OTTAC from here on) is slowly evolving. The combat still isn’t fast enough and there’s too many fiddly bits, I need solve that soon.

Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition did a great thing with its power cards, all the rules you need on a single card. It is a great way of presenting rules and stats so I stole that right away. Only problem I have with them is how many to have, analysis paralysis can really kill the flow of a game.

The current test scenario of 3 vs 1 can only test my system in certain ways, a 1 vs 1 scenario is in the works as soon as the rules for destroying buildings and movement in difficult terrain have been revised.