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Long time, no blogging. Some medical stuff happened, but now I’m back again!

So, let have a look at what’s been on my workbench lately:

* My Final Fantasy 9 version of Descent is, maybe not dead, but frozen solid. I wanted to do a playtest of this before I made a post about it, but that all fell through. I’ll try to make a larger post about it tomorrow.

* I had some ideas for a furry RPG, but only one person showed any real interest in the idea (furry supernatural high school mystery drama) so that project is also shelved.

* I recently got back in creating maps for Warcraft 3. I’ve been looking at my old (6+ years) stuff and I’ve been thinking about maybe finish some of my old levels.

* A friend of mine recently mentioned that he wanted to run a Star Wars campaign, but he dislikes the systems in the existing SW RPGs. He does however like the new World of Darkness rules a lot, so I’m helping him to modify those into something suitable for fun and exciting action in a galaxy far, far away.

* This morning I got the idea of making a Star Wars version of Descent. I decided to make this a One Day project, to force myself to get things done quickly. It’s a simple thing to do, will have stuff on the blog later this week.


I just got told that I was no longer welcome as a player for the new World of Darkness campaign the local gaming group have been talking about the last month or so,  and that got me thinking about gaming groups.

Gaming works better when you all have similar goals, similar agendas, when you sit down to game. If you all know what you want and you know what you like then you can all help each other to make the experience fun and exciting.

So what to do when things don’t work out, when one of the players don’t fit with the rest of the group? Well, one option is to kick them out. Maybe not the best one, feeling can get hurt and friendships can be tarnished. It can be done in a number of way, try not to be a dick about it. Doing nothing is likewise a bad idea, if things aren’t working out then you’ll probably not have much fun. In between these extremes are a number of ways to handle it. Try to talk about, try to find a way to make things work.

Games are supposed to be a form of entertainment, so find a way to find the fun.